Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Great Moments in Sports Marketing

Tonight was Bermuda Night at Fenway Park. Honest. Unlike State of Maine Day, there weren't any tour buses parked behind the center field bleachers, though.

The Premier of Bermuda, its head of government, was just on NESN touting special tourist events to be held in his fine country in the fall. He was wearing a Red Sox jersey and cap. NESN foolishly used a close-up during the interview, so we couldn't see whether he had Bermuda shorts on, too. Would've made a nice outfit for throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

Bermuda is a wonderful place to visit, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's recently won a lottery or pulled off a successful armored car heist. But its connection to the Sox, or baseball, is tenuous. They play cricket there.

Bermuda is, however, only a two-hour flight from Boston, is extremely dependent on tourism in its economy, and these are tough times for tourism in general. The Red Sox, as this cockamamie event proves, will promote ANYTHING in return for the proper considerations.

It was a match made in heaven-poolside, over a couple of rum swizzles.


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