Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Would It Help If They Discontinued the Comeback of the Year Award?

Brett Favre would've made a much better contestant on "Dancing With the Stars" than will Tom DeLay. It would be a reach to say that the former Congressman would've made a better quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings than will Favre, but for damn sure DeLay, or any number of potted plants, can do a better job than whoever is making the decisions for that franchise.

Twelve million bucks for a quarterback who's older than the stadium and who hasn't had a really good year since before the Iraq War, a guy who pretty much vanished in a cloud of disinterest from his team last year, and oh, yes, has a "small" tear in his rotator cuff. Vikings, meet physics and biology. "Small" tears in surfaces do not tend to remain small when that surface moves about a bit, you know, like when throwing a football.

Compared to this move, the Eagles signing Michael Vick was prudent, nay, praiseworthy risk management. Death and taxes will be easier to evade than the circus disaster film awaiting the Vikes this season.

The above sentiments are hardly original, I know. Perhaps the following two are.

Drop an editor's curse on whomever writes of Favre "This will not end well." It's already not ended well. Twice.

The saddest part of Favre's signing is that I'll bet the Raiders are jealous.


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