Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golf -- Study & Teaching

There is nothing Tiger Woods can tell us "average" (the game's euphemism for "lousy") golfers about the game -- except for one thing, and I'll bet he doesn't really have an answer.

We'll never be able to hit those 350-yard drives, or 300-yard fairway wood stingers off the tee. We'll never be able to hit 6-irons 20o yards. But all golfers, no matter what their ability level, face 6-foot putts. And no golfer except perhaps Jack Nicklaus has made more 6-foot putts he needed than Woods has.

If I made as many 6-footers as Tiger, I'd take five strokes off my handicap, and so would any golfer who isn't lying. It's really too bad that I once asked Woods this question at a major (2002 Masters, for those of you scoring at home) and he answered it honestly.

Paraphrasing, Woods responded that, a) he practices a lot, and b) he was good to start with.


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