Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Dilemma for NESN

Jerry Remy is an excellent baseball broadcaster. His recovery from cancer is a development to be cheered to the skies. Remy is also very sarcastic, a quality I admire in people.

As we have seen, however, Dennis Eckersley is just as excellent a baseball broadcaster, and because we haven't been listening to him for 20 years, has the appealing quality of freshness (that's not criticism of Remy in any way. There's a lot to be said for knowing you'll get a consistent performance, too). Sending Eck back to the studio to exchange sweet nothings with Tom Caron is a waste of resources.

If I was in charge of NESN, as Red Sox owner John Henry effectively is, I have no idea how I'd handle this embarrassment of riches. Three-in-a-booth just doesn't work for baseball, as ESPN proves on a weekly basis.

Remy's status in New England is his meal ticket. Fortunately for Eck, his is not. I propose that Red Sox fans begin a campaign to get Eck a REAL national TV gig, not that TBS thing. Because when the competition is Morgan and McCarver (disclaimer: know and like both guys), there's room for a new voice.

Even my mom, the only baseball fan I know who LIKES Morgan as an announcer, wants Eck to get more work.


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