Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Further Note on Nostalgia

Last month, for my wife Alice's birthday present, we had a weekend in New York, including fancy French restaurants and a Broadway show.

The show was the revival of "Hair." I highly recommend it to any readers who like musicals, and even those who don't particularly for them. I can theater as a genre or leave it alone, and I had a swell time.

Not the least pleasant of my experiences was skimming through "Playbill" at intermission to read the cast bios. The cast, of course, was all in their 20s. There's no part for Angela Lansbury in "Hair." One of the female leads, who was very, very good, had the following note in her bio.

"(Name here, sorry I forget) has loved Hair ever since the first time she saw it, when a version was performed during a 1990 episode of "Head of the Class."

If that doesn't make you smile, you have no real appreciation of the miracle of American popular culture.


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