Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Is Too Short to Waste a Second Thinking About Fall

The Patriots are both defending Super Bowl champions and the NFL's most historic dynasty, so naturally there's a lot of fan interest as training camp has just begun. But there should also be even more interest in cookouts, golf, swimming, going to the beach and other activities of the season besides thinking about large men in plastic armor sweating as they go though the unutterable tedium of football practice.

Therefore as a public service, I present the following guide to following the Pats' preseason, or any team's preseason in any summer for that matter. It's not a complex process.

1. Pick medium of your choice for receiving sports news, print, broadcast, social, whatever.

2. Access Patriots' news.

3. Are there injuries in the news? There usually are. Read or listen to injury news carefully. (For the purposes of this process, assume a surprise retirement like Rob Ninkovich's is an injury story).

4. Is there no injury news? Stop paying attention immediately. You KNOW Tom Brady is a good passer. His practices mean nothing to you. Resume summer-related activities.If you just can't let sports go, call WEEI or the Sports Hub and bitch about the Red Sox.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Brief Sports SAT Answer

Aaron Judge is 1 for 21 since the All-Star break, the one hit an infield single.

Winning the Home Run Derby is to baseball what being on the cover of Madden is to the NFL.