Sunday, January 10, 2016

The View From Injured Reserve

On Christmas night, there was an impromptu bowl game played in my Florida hotel room. Final score, Marble Tile 1 -- Gee most definitely nil. My fall cost me 10 stitches in my forehead and a fractured left wrist, which has since had surgery.

So no golf, although on the bright side it wasn't my eating and drinking hand. But I am a poor typist with all body parts intact. Typing with one hand and a head full of Percoset was simply beyond me (try holding the shift bar with the right thumb while trying to type capital A with the rest of the hand), so the Pats had to lose two straight and college football stagger through the worst bowl season in memory without my advice and counsel.

Follow-up appointment is tomorrow morning, and maybe, just maybe my cast will be removed. If so, I hope to fill this space more regularly during the rest of 2016. I don't know if readers miss me, but I miss talking to them.


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Cape Cod Scott said...

Hi Michael...sorry to hear of your injury! Glad you're back.
I'll be looking forward to more commentary this year.
Cinci is a piece of work, huh?
Also, I feel bad for the Vikings fans.
Over and out.


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