Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Most Important Position on the Field?

There are four remaining undefeated teams in the National Football League this season. The Patriots, Bengals, Broncos and Panthers all have 7-0 records.

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning has an NFL passer rating of 75.1. Quarterback Cam Newton of Carolina has a rating of 78.1. By way of contrast, Tom Brady leads the league with a rating of 115. By further way of contrast, by the NFL's measuring stick, Manning and Newton have had worse seasons throwing the ball than such notables as Geno Smith, Blake Bortles and Colin Kaepernick, who lost his starting job with the 49ers yesterday with a rating of 78.8.

Notable fact related to these statistics: there has been quite serious talk that Newton is a league MVP candidate!

Notable implication of these statistics: despite the fantasization of pro football, the aerial circus is not the only way to win ballgames. Defense may not be as dead as the Saints and Giants think.


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