Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Worse Sign For His Side Than Any Poll -- Rasmussen Included

So I'm on the Obama mailing list from '08. I'm on a few mailing lists, and by and large the President of the United States is a less intrusive presence in my Internet life than my dear old alma mater or, the most aggressive e-mailers of all and who can blame them, UNICEF.

Needless to say, I was informed that Obama will be in Boston for an election rally next Saturday. No surprise. As I understand it, the Democrats are losing because their side isn't planning on showing up at the polls on November 2. Massachusetts would be a good place to address that problem.

But, on my e-mail notice, there were words that should (and did) make the blood of any registered Democrat freeze in their veins. To wit: Special musical guest, James Taylor.

James Taylor!?!? I know Obama is sensitive about being the first African American president, but holy cow, even white people think James Taylor's music is way too white. Then, and perhaps more electorally awful, there's the age deal.

Again as I understand it, the primary group of Democratic voters planning on doing something more useful on Election Day than participating in it are young people, the 18-30 demographic. Almost none of them know who James Taylor is. Those that do are either way too into musicology by his music or associate it with their bad relationship with their parents.

Holy hell, Mr. President! You're not even 50. James Taylor's music is too old for YOU!!!


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