Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel's career with the New England Patriots, which ended yesterday, can be summed up in the following statistic. He is a linebacker with two career Super Bowl touchdown pass receptions.

To put that in perspective, Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin, who appeared in three Super Bowls to Vrabel's four, also has two TD catches. Hall of Fame wide receiver Paul Warfield also appeared in three Super Bowls, and never caught a TD pass in any of them. Jay Novacek of the '90s Cowboys is the only tight end EVER withh as many career TD Super catches as Vrabel.

Vrabel was the living symbol of the jack-of-all-trades versatility and case method game plans that were the hallmark of the Pats' dynasty of this decade. It's a cold business, better to trade guys when they still have value, etc., etc. I know all that. I believe all that.

I also believe this. When an institution starts losing its symbols, it is an institution with serious work to do.


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