Monday, February 09, 2009

The Public's Right to Know Trivia Is a Sacred Trust

I was a sportswriter for more than 25 years. Alex Rodriguez's admission he used steroids is as big as a sports story gets. But you know, a sports story only gets SO big.

Were I still working, and I had the opportunity to ask the President of the United States one on-the-record question at a press conference, asking him his freakin' opinion on A-Rod taking steroids would never have occured to me, not for a nanosecond. Like, we didn't hire the guy to do sports talk radio. I want to know what he's doing about the grown-up stuff.

That is just what some guy named Michael Fletcher did at Obama's first press conference as President. Fletcher works for the Washington Post. The Washington Post!!! I hope Ben Bradlee knows real shame right now.

Know why people call newspapers irrelevant? All too often, they act like it.


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