Friday, April 06, 2007

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It gives me no pleasure to kick the snot out of the Boston Globe. I have many dear friends who work there. It is still, on balance, one of the top-shelf American newspapers. But sometimes, you just have to say the obvious.

Today's (4/6/2007) Globe business section had a story on its front page about Jordan's Furniture's Red Sox promotion. If you live around here, you know about it. If you buy certain furniture from Jordan's and the Sox win the World Series this year, the furniture's on the house, or on Jordan's insurance company, to be more accurate.

You know about this promotion because as usual, Jordan's hasn't been shy about letting New England know. Anyone who owns a radio or television who lives east of the Connecticut River has heard every excruciating detail of this proposition for over a month thanks to Jordan's incessant advertising. It's no secret. Jordan's has also carefully mentioned the promotion's April 16 end date in every ad.

And now, opening day of Easter weekend, first week of the Red Sox season, the Globe decises Jordan's stunt is NEWS? The Globe's corporate parent is a part owner of the Sox. Jordan's is one of the biggest advertisers in New England. Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the phrase "conflict of interest."

No reason to pussyfoot here. Every Globe employee who signed off on this story except the poor reporter following orders, especially including Editor Martin Baron, is a common prostitute.

I didn't say whore because I understand some people get upset about vulgar language on the Internet.


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