Saturday, March 31, 2007

Basketball Stat of the Day

HBO has been showing a documentary on the UCLA dynasty from 1964-1975, and it's highly recommended for all fans of the college game and plain old sports fans, period. The show's an excellent blend of the serious and comic, and a large number of former Bruins are wonderful interviews (Sidney Wicks is hilarious. Who knew?).

The following statistic is lifted from the program. In the 1971-1972 season, Bill Walton's sophomore year (no freshmen allowed back then), the UCLA team not only went a perfect 30-0 and won the school's sixth consecutive NCAA title, its average margin of victory in those 30 games was 30 points!

Should Florida win its second consecutive title Monday night, which could easily happen, and Jim Nantz and Billy Packer start babbling about the Gators' status as one of college basketball's historically dominant teams, keep that stat in mind.

Excellence, even championship-level excellence is one thing. True dominance is another altogether.


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