Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baseball Failed to Kill the Radio Star

Imagine my surprise this afternoon and Monday afternoon when while driving home, I found the Red Sox game on 850 WEEI on my radio dial, not 680 WRKO. I know they're owned the same scumball conglomerate but still, passing on Opening Day is not a shrewd promotional move for the station shift.

We can only assume WRKO doesn't want to lose any advertising revenue from "The Howie Carr Show." Now, I worked with Howie for 20 years and I like him (Personally, I mean. The show blows), but I cannot imagine he draws higher ratings than the Red Sox, especially on Opening Day when people are working and theremore more of them are listening to the radio. Entercom is paying a stack of bundles higher than the Hancock to broadcast the Sox. It's amazing they'd start the season by confusing listeners where to tune in.

Besides, there's an obvious solution to their dilemma. When the Red Sox play games on weekday afternoons, move Howie to 'EEI, and tell Ordway, Shepherd, and the gang of screaming interrupters to go hit the golf course. Not only is Howie funnier than they are, he knows more about sports, too.


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