Monday, November 01, 2010

Make Sure to Grab a Beer From the Beverage Cart Before You Hit the Emergency Slide, Randy!!

Somehow, you just knew that it wasn't in the cards for Randy Moss' farewell to the National Football League to involve a tearful ceremony at the 50-yard line. Although it would have been a good one.

"I stand before you today, the strangest man on the face of the earth."

Moss has given two post-game press conferences this season, and shot his way of two franchises as a result. That's a record they'll be chasing for a long, long time. As a result, it seems reasonable to conclude that his distinguished NFL career is over. Teams get desperate to fill holes in midseason, but not necessarily that desperate. Moss just isn't going to get with the program if doesn't like said program. In a disciplined/authoritarian game like football, that's the second worst thing a franchise can have on its roster, second only to a quarterback controversy.

For the record, I don't think Moss is a bad guy. Odd, yes. Self-centered, my yes. But not malicious, just a loner in a sport built on groups.

And while Bill Belichick is absolutely never ever going to do this, if Moss returned to the Pats, whom he seems to regard as Boys Town for wide receivers, it would make Michael Felger's first radio appearance after the deal must-listening for us commuters.

Until Mike's stroke on the air, that is.


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