Saturday, August 09, 2008

8//8/08, Part II

Great show! Give a talented film director from China $300 million and the fireworks he wants, and by golly, that's money well spent.

Despite being the most popular part of the Olympic Games (I don't get it either), however, the opening ceremony has nothing to do with how well or poorly the host organizers will operate the actual event. Atlanta's opening ceremony was very nice, the Games somewhat less so.

And if the weird old men who run China think their ability to produce a great halftime show means they have arrived as a world player, then they are farther gone than we thought. If that was the prerequisite for power, then the Grambling State marching band would have ruled the United States for the last half-century.

Speaking of the U.S., nice going Mr. President! The TV reactions shots of you during the opening ceremonies were priceless boosts to our national image abroad. Whether it was peering through your binoculars at nothing in particular to avoid talking to those around you, or actually looking at your watch during the parade of nations, your actions spoke a message that transcended language to all the peoples of the world.

"My wife dragged me here."


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