Monday, July 21, 2008

Pointless Arguments Are the Best Kind

The Red Sox lost three games in Anaheim and are involved in an increasingly dicey American League East pennant race - the 2008 pennant race. Naturally, the inane controversy business and its loyal customers in New England are hot and bothered about Manny Ramirez's contract status in 2009. These people must talk about what they want for dinner when they're ordering lunch.

Whether or not the Sox should take up the option years of Manny's contract is a complex issue with points to be made for and against that merit serious consideration after Election Day. Right now, it's useless noise for its own sake. Ramirez's future plans have no bearing on the Red Sox' present dilemmas and opportunities. Considering how much Sox fans love the trade deadline, which is like Second Opening Day in these parts, I am appalled ANYONE, including the professional boob-baiters of radio and television talk shows, would spend an erg worrying about Manny. Time is short and there are so many ludricrous trade proposals and fraudulent rumors to discuss. Come on, people! Peter Gammons is counting on you!

The weirdest thing about the entire Ramirez discussion is that not only is it currently a moot point, but that if it weren't, the Sox would be totally screwed right here and now in the 2008 season. After all, the only fact which would make the front office's call on renewing Manny an easy one would be if he simply stopped hitting.

I know there are folks in this burg who don't care for Ramirez, but that's a high price to pay for spite, even for Bostonians.


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