Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline Thought

Man, I sure am glad I'm not Jason Bay. If, as has been known to happen, Bay celebrates changing leagues with a 3-34 week, his August and September will be unpleasant ones.

On a less personal note, no player is untradable nor irreplaceable. Some, however, are harder to replace than others. Manny Ramirez, warts and all, falls into that category.

I'm very glad I don't sign Ramirez's checks, too. He's hardly a model employee. Being his owner, GM, manager, etc. must be very stressful.

Know what else is stressful? October baseball. Stress IS professional sports. One could go so far as to say pro sports are a laboratory experiment in human behavior under stress. If a front office can't handle stress in the pursuit of victory, perhaps its inhabitants should consider another line of work, like rock music or public relations.

No one can know whether the Ramirez trade will help or hurt the Red Sox. What I do know, from long personal observation, is that when a team starts getting picky about how it wins and who it wins with, wins come harder. Much, much harder.


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