Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calling All Sabermetricians!

The headline is not snark. I have a question which only computer aided research can answer. It's prompted by the Red Sox' 9th inning rally over the Orioles last Sunday.

Has there ever been an inning where a team scored more than 5 runs without benefit of a walk or an opponent's error? I covered baseball for 25 years and have watched it for more than twice that long and can't remember any, but my memory is inadmissible evidence in Vladimir Putin's courts. There can't be many, that much I do know.

In fact, horsehide nerds, for extra credit, and if anyone does this, I WILL give them plenty of sincere credit, is there a computer program to test the following theory? I posit that if the worst team in baseball, call them the Kansas City Royals, went an entire season without issuing a walk, committing an error, or getting a man thrown out attempting to advance, that team would win enough games to qualify for the playoffs. Am I right?

Inquiring science-challenged minds want to know. At least one of them does.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Jason said...

The first 5 runs in the 25-8 game that Grady apologized for all scored before the first walk in the inning.
I'd imagine it's happened reasonably often actually.


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