Sunday, April 29, 2007

Greetings! Now Report to Ft. Goodell

One thing about the NFL draft. It can be viewed during commercials breaks of other sports events without missing a thing.

For example, the tragic fate of Brady Quinn was emphasized so often for so long by the crack (ed) ESPN crew escape was impossible. You'd have thought the Notre Dame quarterback was Susan Lucci at the Daytime Emmys. Quinn suffered through the indignity of being selected 22nd in the draft instead of third, by the very same team that was SUPPOSED to have taken him third.

This cost Quinn some money. If one is not either a Quinn family or his agent Tom Condon, there is no earthly reason to care. For fans and the media, there's no earthly reason to care WHERE any player in the draft is picked. The only relevant issue is which teams pick which players.

It's not like Quinn won't have the opportunity to make the money back and then some. Let's an NFL quarterback who we'll call Tom Brady. As a sixth round draft choice, Brady signed for approximately 4 percent of what Quinn will get from Cleveland. If six years from now Quinn is making more than half of what Brady makes today, the Quinn family, Condon, and everyone in Cleveland is going to be very happy.

One more thing about the absurdity of who gets picked where in the first round. Yesterday I watched draft-oriented commercials featuring Reggie Bush and Vince Young, basically offering a "take that, you doubters!" speech for some purpose I forgot. Bush was the second pick in the 2006 draft and Young was the third. Nobody disrespected them but the Houston Texans. Gimme a break, fellas. You got yours. Why didn't the commercials use Brady or Marques Colston? That might have a lick of sense.


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