Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why They Call it Dope

Kirk Radomski, former clubhouse go-fer for the New York Mets, has pled guilty to supplying major league players with steroids, human growth hormone, and amphetimines. It's a big scandal, I suppose, but it's not the most amazing fact of the day about drug use in baseball.

For that, you have to read deeper into newspaper accounts of Radomski's fall. That's where one gets to the fact that many of his big league clients paid for their supplies by writing PERSONAL checks. You know, the kind with one's signature on them.

That's going to make subsequent claims said players thought they were taking a legal diet supplement very difficult to maintain, even for lawyers used to defending Bush administration clients.

Fellas, I know you're in the big leagues, and therefore superior beings to your fellow humans, but take this small piece of advice from a veteran of the 1960s. Illegal drugs are many things, but most of all, they're a cash-only business.


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