Friday, March 02, 2007

The Role of Sports in American Society

The following anecdote should show why the WEEI contention sports are for really dumb white guys under 40, and the ESPN-Slam Magazine contention the NBA All-Star game was for equally dumb black guys in the same age group are pernicious threats to our nation's way of life.

In the late '70s, my dad was a captain of industry in Manhattan. As part of his duties he was required to attend occasional social gatherings of People of Substance. You know the drill-wear a tux, write a check, eat a forgettable dinner, listen to an even more forgettable speech.

At one such dinner, Dad found himself seated between noted '60s civil rights advocate Julian Bond and one Richard Milhous Nixon.

"So what'd you guys talk about all night?" his curious son asked the next day.



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