Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Holiday Outt

An Open Letter to Some Homeowners in My Town (You Know Who They Are).

Dear Folks: It's been 54 days since Nancy Pelosi became the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.

It's been 54 days since Deval Patrick was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts.

The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl 23 days ago.

It's been 16 days since the Grammies.

It's been two weeks more or less since Britney Spears shaved her head.

Martin Scorcese won his first Academy Award two days ago.

Manny Ramirez reported to spring training yesterday.

So for heaven's sake, will you people PLEASE turn off your @&#!* outdoor Christmas lights already? What was festive in December was icky by Valentine's Day, and is now downright creepy. You want Christmas every day, drive to New Hampshire and get a summer job at Santa's Workshop.


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