Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Friendly Reminder

More than one Patriots fan and local commentator has expressed surprise and not a little outrage that the spread for Super Bowl 51 is Pats giving three, and that it has stayed at that mark despite a majority of bettors in Nevada casinos putting their money on New England. One would think they would be overjoyed at seeing an overlay, but never mind.

If anyone is tempted to bet the Pats because of the spread, well, go ahead. You could be right. But I advise considering the following statistic before you do.

Nevada sports books made a collective profit in December 2016 of over $19 million. It was their 41st consecutive winning month. The last time the house collectively lost money was July 2013.

One of the oldest of sports gambling maxims, one I first heard as a teenager, is don't bet against the streak.


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