Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hockey, Eh

All sports have their moments. When Nadal came back in the fifth set of the Australian Open semis, tennis was the greatest sport ever. When the Packers and Cowboys were in the last two minutes of their game, it was football. And so on.

Tonight was hockey's turn. As part of the NHL All-Star Game weekend, they had a game for old-timers and celebrities. Celebrities who forgot old-time hockey players are more dangerous than IEDs.

Hall of Fame or should be defenseman Chis Pronger saw former teen idol, Canadian and hockey fan Justin Bieber picking up the puck in the corner. He did what came naturally. He wiped Bieber out. Smashed him head first into the boards in the process.

Celebrities, heed this moment. Stick to golf pro-ams.


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