Friday, October 24, 2014

Too Bad Tony Randall's Not Alive to Introduce Him at Canton

Peyton Manning found a flaw in the Bronco's 35-21 win over the Chargers last night. He was caught by national cussing out the Mile High Stadium scoreboard operator for inciting the crowd to cheer when Manning wanted to them to be quiet, forcing the quarterback to use a meaningless fourth quarter time out.

That's the heat of battle. In about the most Peyton Manningesque moment of his entire career, the quarterback went on to call out the operator in his post-game press conference. I'm sure that in his next public remarks, Manning will put on his Papa John's persona and insist he was just kidding, but we all know differently, don't we? Manning wasn't joking. Your true fusspot can never laugh at disorder, no matter how petty it might be. Manning is the fusspot incarnate on a football field. It's why he drives fans mad when he's calling signals. It's why he's one of the all-time greats.

Peyton Manning is Felix Unger with an arm.


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