Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Silver Threads Among the Golden Couple

The rain wasn't stopping, and I was bored, so I did some random remote clicking this afternoon. First, naturally, I tried the 197 or so sports channels I overpay for.

On two of the cheap talking head shows all the channels have to fill time, commentators were arguing about whether four mediocre to awful games in a row mean Tom Brady is in irrevocable decline as a quarterback at age 37. That got way older than 37 very quickly, so I abandoned sports for the world of entertainment.

On TMZ's show they were interviewing some well-known except to me woman from the fashion world, a blogger or journalist or some such. As Nielsen was my witness, the topic was whether at age 34, Gisele Bundchen was "on the back nine" of her modeling career.

About Brady, opinions differed. About his wife, they didn't. Nobody thought she wasn't still the preeminent superstar of her weird profession.

There you have it, America. There's definitive evidence that the audience for tabloid shows about celebrities is considered harder to fool than audiences for sports talk programs.


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