Sunday, January 12, 2014

Short Stories of a Long But Simple Game

Most football followers have believed for a long time that if Jim Brown had ever played with a Hall of Fame quarterback, that team would've scored an amazing amount of points and have been damn near unbeatable.

This banal assumption has been proven long after the fact of Brown's career. LeGarrette Blount has been the functional equivalent of Brown in his past two games, generating over 300 yards of rushing and 500 total yards. Sure enough, the Patriots have scored an astonishing amount of points with Tom Brady serving as their second offensive option, and last night anyway, appeared damn near unbeatable.

On the flip side, Andrew Luck's undeniable gifts led many people who should've known better to ignore the true story of the Colts' historic comeback win over the Chiefs. Surrendering over 40 points on defense while throwing multiple interceptions on offense is not a formula for long-term success at any time, let alone the playoffs. But when a team is giving up 40 points, its quarterback will inevitably throw interceptions based on his suspicion he needs to score on every play, never mind possession.

Conventional wisdom is a sworn enemy of fun in any field of human endeavor. But conventional wisdom gets that way for a reason. It wins more often than it loses. Last night, the CW won and covered by even more than did the Pats.


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