Saturday, June 09, 2012

Superstar Social Status Questions

So is LeBron James a bum, like he was Wednesday or is he back in the "hero who'll make 'em forget Achilles" category ESPN has carved for him since high school? His image changes faster than the nameplates on the executive suites in Hollywood, and I can't keep up.

And if James has another 40-point plus game tonight and the Celtics win anyway, which is a totally plausible scenario, will LeBron be a choking dog, a gallant hero, or both?

Or is it just that the commentary on professional basketball has not been able to grasp since the 1960s that teams win and lose games as a group? And that therefore it is by far the most ignorant and hysterical bloc of opinion offered for all of the four major sports, and always has been?

The last questions are the only ones for which I have an answer.


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