Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Schedule Note, Also Proof I'm a Sick Fan Note

This will be will be my last post until at least April 16th, as I and the rest of my family leave tomorrow night for Lyon, France, where my daughter teaches English to little kids.

Her European grad student roommates are having a toga party Friday night. On the one hand, people that age don't ever want to meet people my age in social situations. On the other hand, the honor of my generation and the Red, White and Blue is an issue here.

The next night, we're going to see Olympique Lyonnais play Auxurre in France's Ligue 1 soccer league. I've been given to understand it's a very critical game. But I can't say how amazing it is to look forward to an entirely new sports experience at my age and background.

Full report to follow. Well, maybe not entirely full.


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