Friday, February 03, 2012

Super Moment in Sports Journalism

To the best of my recollection, the score was San Francisco 13-Denver 3 early in the second quarter of Super Bowl XXIV when I found it advisable to hit the men's room of the Superdome press box. There was a TV timeout following yet another 49er first down.

As there is no escaping NFL Big Brother at the Super Bowl, the men's room (and I assume the ladies' room) was not silent, but had the piped-in national radio broadcast feed at a volume far louder than anything Madonna will hit Sunday night.

The immortal Jack Buck, Hall of Fame broadcaster, and I as can testify from personal experience once of the nicest gentleman anyone could ever meet, had apparently had enough of this particular ultimate game.

"Broncos coach Dan Reeves can't like the way this game is unfolding," Buck declared, his voice echoing among the tiles.

Then he added, "Or should I just say folding."


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