Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Because When Has the Real Estate Market Ever Steered You Wrong?

The headline in the "Orange County Register" caught my eye. It rade "Real Estate Conditions Forecast Pats Win."

The article said that the commercial real estate brokerage of Jones Lang LaSalle has developed one of those foolproof has-nothing-to-do-with-football means of predicting the Super Bowl. According to the company, since Boston has a higher vacancy rate of commercial office space than does New York City, the Pats will beat the Giants. The firm said it had forecast last year's Super Bowl using this metric, and lo and behold the Packers had indeed defeated the Steelers.

I would have completely ignored this hooey except for one detail in the article. The Executive Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle, the one member of the firm quoted, is none other than Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame quarterback. He went so far as to say that since the vacancy rate of offices in Boston was 10 percent higher than in New York, the Patriots would win the Super Bowl by 10 points.

So you be the judge. On the one hand, Staubach has a high level of football expertise. On the other, systems bettors die broke more quickly than other bettors no matter how much they know.


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