Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sports: The Universal Gibberish of Mankind

The biggest story in sports today was the India-Pakistan cricket match in that sport's World Cup. Those teams just plain don't like each other, Keith. And they have nuclear weapons!

Anyway, India won by those weird numbers that make up a cricket score. Due to time and distance, all I caught of the match on TV were the post-game sound bites. It's all I needed.

To a man, the Indian and Pakistani players interviewed on BBC and CNN International spoke fluent if accented ESPN. Name a cliche ever uttered by a bored, brainless or both American jock after a game and these guys reeled it off with ease. There was "focus." There was "there's always pressure when we play them." And, of course, there was "People didn't think we could do it."

Best of all, though, was when the religious Indian cricketer got to the mike. He immediately began to thank God for victory. Except, he's Hindu. He was thanking Gods, about eight or nine of them. It was like listening to an Academy Award acceptance speech.

Piety is piety whatever the religion. I'm not knocking it. But I wonder if this guy knows who Tim Tebow is. They have a lot to share.


At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Prasad said...

What a Big & Great news for Indians. In Indians Team all players played very well. In Batting position some players did not played well. After the completion of India batting then our bowlers & fielders performed very well. so we have to congratulate our team. In final which is going to be played with Srilanka on 2nd of this month India will also will play very well and win the cup also.


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