Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blame the Playoffs on Rio

The news that Tom Brady went to Brazil for Carnival makes me like him even more. It has been one of my life's ambitions to make that particular scene since puberty, and it pleases me no end that a former acquaintance, albeit an incredibly, incredibly slight acquaintance, did so. Vicarious living is a poor second to the real thing, but second place beats out of the money.

Besides, if one is drafting surrogate partiers, you don't need Mel Kiper to know Tom's a shrewd first-round pick.

I can't imagine any football fans feeling any other way about Brady's holiday. I know some do, because X percentage of all humans are spiteful, bitter, twisted and stupid, but I can't just can't imagine the mindset that would come up with a reason for thinking somebody else's vacation is any of their business.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe no Patriots are so demented as to believe their team's players are just exceptionally realistic action figures placed on this earth for their enjoyment. (Considering the complaints one hears about Brady's hair and wife, make that homoerotic fantasy enjoyment). After all, I haven't anyone complaining about Brady's trip but some folks at Barstool Sports, and they're not fans -- they're wannabe media.

Thus, we see the future of sports commentary. The current crop of commentators who make a living appealing to the lowest common denominator will be driven out of the market by those who see their job as creating that denominator.


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