Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pulse of a Nation That Apparently Lacks One

The Fox Broadcasting publicity department was all aglow earlier this week with the news that a great many people watched the Super Bowl on television last Sunday. Oddly, they missed an even more noteworthy chance to blow Mr. Murdoch's horn.

(We pause here to explain why this blog had no post-Super Bowl post. That's because there was nothing to say. Although entertaining, the game's truths were so self-evident as to render comment superfluous unless you getting paid for it. When NFL Team A has no turnovers, and Team B has three, Team A wins the game. Doesn't matter if it's the Super Bowl or the first exhibition game. Newton doesn't have laws as immutable as that one.)

In my day job, it is my pleasure to scan "Variety" each week. The February 7, 2011 issue of that illustrious periodical, like all other issues, had a chart of the latest weekly Nielsen ratings for prime time TV programs.

For the week of January 24-30, the third highest-rated program, broadcast or cable, was also a Fox Sports presentation. It was the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl!?!?! The lamest excuse for a game in all of professional sports? And that was all that was good on TV on a Sunday night. And this Pro Bowl wasn't even good by its own horrible standards. If I recollect correctly, the NFC had something like 28-0 lead in the first quarter.

That's what our nation chose as its primary entertainment option on January 30. America, you've got to start hitting the bars at night.


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