Sunday, February 06, 2011

Your Side First, Bob

One understands what Bob Kraft meant, or at least, what he would he would tell you he meant. When Kraft said the NFL and the Players' Association should "get the lawyers out of the room" to make a deal, he was expressing the belief that the disputes between the two sides in their negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement were susceptible to compromise if labor and management starting thinking macro and not haggling over details.

This may or may not be true, but I accept that Kraft believes it to be true. HOWEVER, I also know Kraft is an outstanding businessman. And I'll bet this skill has led him to never, ever, make a formal contract agreement or even get close to negotiating one without a whole passel of lawyers in the room.

Even yours truly way down here in the crashing middle of the U.S. economic food chain knows better. If somebody tells me "we don't need lawyers on this deal" my first reaction is to go out and try and hire six of them.


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