Monday, January 10, 2011

Not With a Bang, But With a "I Forgot It Was On."

The college football season ends tonight with the BCS Championship game between Auburn and Oregon. They're both undefeated teams who score a lot, so the game will 1. Decide the fraudulent "national" championship and 2. Probably provide superior pigskin entertainment.

I might watch the first quarter, the first half if it's an especially exciting game. I just don't care about the culminating moment of a sport I otherwise enjoy. I can't. The expiration date on college football has come and gone in my mind. There's only so much room in this head for thinking about sports, and once the NFL playoffs begin, there's no room left for the colleges in the space alloted to football.

My attitude towards the BCS game and its incessant hype this past week on ESPN is almost exactly the same as my attitude towards the outdoor Christmas lights people still have illuminated outside their homes in my town. Objectively, I know the lights are just as pretty as they were last month. But I hardly see them now.

I've moved on.


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