Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wages of Sin Will Be Even Better Wages

Whether or not Cam Newton of Auburn gets to finish the 2010 college football season, he should regard himself as finished with college football.

Based on the always dangerous evidence of my own eyes, Newton has reached the point where he is wasting his time in the college game. Jamarcus Russell, he's not. He is about three times as impressive as Sam Bradford was in his final uninjured season at Oklahoma, and Bradford is doing quite nicely, thank you, as the Rams' quarterback.

Newton could have gotten on a plane last night after beating Georgia, showed up in Charlotte, San Francisco, Miami, or Phoenix (to name the most obvious examples), and start today for that city's NFL franchise no questions asked.

It was noted by many reporters and broadcasters that Newton didn't seem overly worried yesterday about the NCAA inquiry into his recruiting by Auburn. This doesn't strike me as surprising. By spring, the NCAA should be as important in Newton's life as the International Monetary Fund is today.

Wonder if Newton's been on the horn to Reggie Bush? There's another guy whose life was wrecked by a college football scandal. Down to his last four or five million, poor devil.


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