Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nonpartisan (I Hope) Political Questions

1. Why do people in politics think robocalls work to their advantage? Are there really voters whose lives are so bereft of human contact they listen to them all the way through? If so, our society has fundamental issues beyond the reach of Republicans or Democrats.

2. On WBUR the other day, I heard two political experts, one R, one D, agree that campaign ads the weekend before election don't do candidates much good, as if this was a generally accepted truth like the distance from Boston to Worcester. So what explains what's been happening on my TV?

3. Why don't people vote? Really, I don't get it. Voting is way easier than filling up one's car with gas, buying a lottery ticket, or any number of other mundane chores. And AT A MINIMUM, it offers the psychic satisfaction of knowing your choice is pissing off someone you don't like. Oh, your candidates may lose, but you have that glow coming out of the booth that you stuck it to the other candidates but good. Spiteful satisfaction is an underrated emotion.


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