Thursday, April 02, 2009

Market Survey

This afternoon was pleasant and about 60 degrees, so I went for a walk in my pleasant suburban neighborhood when I got home from work.

I saw 22 automobiles on my stroll, either cars that drove by or were parked in driveways. They were, by make.

8 Toyotas
6 Hondas
2 VWs
1 Mercedes-Benz
1 Lexus
1 Audi
1 Subaru


1 Chevy and 1 Ford. Signage on the back of the Ford indicated it is owned by a retired firefighter.

So, as the automobile industry heads to the bottom of the ninth, the score is World 20- U.S. 2. And frankly, there's some doubt as to how long half our team can continue to put runs up on the board.

Good luck with the bailout, Mr. President!


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