Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kurt Warner

Over at good old, a lively debate is going on as to whether Kurt Warner is deserving of induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Warner is a two-time NFL MVP and one-time Super Bowl MVP. Those are serious credentials. His detractors point out that Warner has a black hole in the middle of his career where he lost his starting quarterback job with both the Rams and the Giants, who subsequently found him superfluous to requirements.

Obviously, if the Cardinals win Super Bowl XLIII and Warner becomes the first quarterback to win Super Bowls with different teams, his case for induction becomes infinitely stronger. But even a losss shouldn't hurt Warner's chances. Jjust by showing up at game time on February 1, his case looks better. Much better.

This will be Warner's third Super Bowl as a starting quarterback. What follows is a list of all other NFL quarterbacks with three or more Super Bowl starts. Not wins or losses (some of these chaps' Super performances were dismal verging on humiliating), just starts.

1. Bob Griese
2. Roger Staubach
3. Terry Bradshaw
4. Fran Tarkenton
5. Joe Montana
6. John Elway
7. Jim Kelly
8. Troy Aikman
9. Tom Brady

The first eight are all members of the Hall, and I don't think it's a risky forecast that Brady will join them as soon as he's eligible. That is some fast company Warner will be keeping come 6:28 p.m. EST of Super Sunday.

Were I to be Warner's advocate before a future Hall of Fame selection committee (the committee member from the player's home city is required to serve as the candidate's representative during the discussion, which brings up some issues in Warner's case), the above paragraphs would surely be among my first arguments on his behalf.


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