Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Language is a Living Thing-Political Division.

So I'm channel-surfing the Pennsylvania primary and wondering why I can't get a fraud job as a cable network commentator. Pete Shepherd in full "Call the boys with the butterfly nets, the Bruins have finally done it to him this time" rant mode displays 1000 times the insight, wit, and common human decency the CNN-MSNBC-Fox clods do. No wonder this country is doomed.

But I digress. My point is, one Linda Chavez, unknown to me, but I.D'ed as a Republican strategist, said "Hillary needs to get this fight into the smoke-filled rooms" of the Democratic convention.

I don't know much politics, but this I do know. There will no smoke-filled rooms at either national convention in 2008-especially the Democratic party convention. There will be no smoking, period. If an Obama or Clinton supporter lights up outside the hall, the superdelegates will throw the nomination to the other candidate out of moral dudgeon.

"Smoke-filled room" will be something kids associate with bygone history, like "optimism" and "justice."


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