Friday, April 04, 2008

The Journalism Business, A One-Sentence Primer.

The following quote is all you need.

"What people don't need more of is information" -- Richard Stengel.

Here's some information people reading this blog do need. Richard Stengel is not some layabout Internet philosopher. He is the managing editor of "Time" magazine, in short, about as big a wheel as the news business possesses. And he thinks people already know too much. He's in the information business, but believes his own product is superfluous.

Any wonder no U.S. citizen outside an airplane or a medical office has read "Time" since 1989? Any wonder that myself and thousands of other working stiffs in the news racket have left the game, some voluntarily, more not? Stengel is one of journalism's bigdomes. By his own words, he's revealed as a champion among idiots.

Shareholders of Time Warner Inc., you have my undiluted sympathy. Former colleagues still employed in the free press that is the bulwark of democracy, you have my prayers.


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