Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Patriots 31--Eagles 28

Take it from a childhood Eagles fan. The Eagles did NOTHING, absolutely not one teeny thing different from their basic game plan of the Andy Reid era against the Patriots. Their uncanny genius strategy for giving the invincible Pats a hard time was to play well.

Blitz early, often, and continuously. Maul opposition wide receivers with a rough and talented secondary. Control the ball with the good old West Coast passing offense. That's it. That's why Philly's tried to do in every game of this millenium. It almost worked because several Eagles, notably A. J. Feeley and Lito Sheppard, played their asses off.

That's all the Colts did against the Pats on defense, too. Indy didn't stray from Tony Dungy's Tampa-Two. They simply did it well. There are few if any mysteries in pro football. Teams' plan to fit their personnel. Tom Brady is not going to stop passing because some opponent is weak against the run.

The next football game won by strategy will be the first one.


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