Sunday, November 04, 2007

Patriots 24-Colts 20

That was an exceptionally entertaining football game, the kind where I'm delighted to be a neutral observer. There are going to very many sore bodies at film sessions at two team headquarters tomorrow.

There will be so many words around the world expended on this tilt, most by reporters who were actually on the scene, that I will confine myself to one brief observation. Remember the no-call on the end zone on Rodney Harrison in the first quarter? Remember how Rodney patted the official on the ass after the call?

One couldn't help noticing that the Patriots got hammered for (to be kind) marginal pass interference calls, including one offensive one, when play neared the end zone for the rest of the game. So maybe Rodney shouldn't have done that.

Hey, Belichick's got to have SOMETHING to bitch at the team about during the bye week.


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