Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog Bites Newspaper Editor - Or Should

Did you know World Series tickets are expensive and hard to come by? Did you also know that most Series tickets wind up in the hands of the wealthy and influential?

Yeah, me too. Learned that at age six, and it's a good bet that's close to the average age when every other American found out. Except for the top editors of the Globe, that is.

The above facts were the front page, above the fold lead story in yesterday's Globe, what it felt was the most important thing Bostonians needed to know. No kidding. What a tough call that had to be for management, bumping the Lindbergh kidnapping off page one.

Piling puerility on top of a grasp of the obvious, the lead story in today's Globe was an essay by Brian McGrory on how all these victories have taken the zip out of Boston sports, and that fans didn't know how to approach the possibility of a second World Series victory in only four years.

Memo: When your team is in the World Series, that's a good thing. It never gets old. McGrory should open his mouth, remove his thumb, and insert as many frosties as needed until he's sedated. Honestly, it make you wonder how the guy approached his second sexual experience.

Ninety-nine.9 to the google percent of Sox fans are normal. They want their team to win, and when it does, they're happy. Alas, it's the small fraction of pretentious souls who give the normal ones a bad name with other fans around the U.S.

Look, having a home team in the Series is news anyway you slice. It also sells one hell of a lot of papers. I have no quarrel with the Globe putting the Sox on the front page. But why let news side present useless information or even more useless opinion on the subject. Why not take the radical step of having SPORTSWRITERS tell people about the Series?

Oh, I know, the front page is serious business. Can't trust it to those frivolous sports gadabouts. They might write something silly.

Indeed they might. But as far as the Globe's Series coverage is concerned, everyone else is fighting for Silly's bronze medal.


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