Monday, September 03, 2007

A Fitting Tribute

There can't be a single sports fan in the U.S. who isn't delighted by Appalachian State's victory over Michigan last Saturday. Even diehard Wolverine alums have to be pleased, somewhere in their souls, of the refreshing truth that no matter how soulless a corporate enterprise a game becomes (big-time college football changed its name to Dr. Faust somewhere in Teddy Roosevelt's first term), every so often, shit still happens.

Here's how New England fans can commemorate the occasion. We have 1-AA football programs up the yin-yang around here-Northeastern, UMass, Holy Cross, Harvard, UNH, URI, all within 90 minutes drive of Boston or less. Harvard and Northeastern's stadiums are on the T.
Now that their peer school in Boone, N.C. has demonstrated these schools play a fast brand of ball, the area Division I-AA schools would dearly appreciate your patronage on a lovely autumn Saturday. Check 'em out.


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