Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reflections on A Long Road Trip

1. America is big, too big if you're not in an airplane.
2. South Carolina has outlet stores for everything-even pornography. A billboard the size of the Queen Mary 2 touted an "Adult Superstore" stuck in the mddle of nowhere. It has to be its county's largest tacpayer and probably employer.
3. North Carolina has many strange museums. My favorite? The Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield. Not that I stopped for it, mind you, I just spent 50 pleasant miles speculating about The Frank Sinarta Room, the Robert Mitchum Room, and so on.
4. The current state of American country music is appalling beyond belief. The most insipid of country's traits have merged with the most insipid of rock's traits. Then a generous dose of American Idol got poured over the whole mess.
5. The megalopolis has extended its reach from DC all the way to south of Richmond.
6. Sorry, proud and provincial residents of New York, Boston, and LA. Washington and Miami have passed you by wide margins to stand alone atop the Most Fucked Traffic standings.
7. I will never drive more than 150 miles in a car without satellite radio, a CD player, or both ever again. Nor should you.


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