Friday, August 11, 2006

A Football Rules Change

To save cyberspace, dear readers, let's agree on the following ground rules for football-based posts at this site. The words "barring injury" or "except for injuries" or "given good health" will be assumed to be operative in all of them.

Injuries are the one thing we know will happen to every pro, college, high school and Pop Warner team this season. However, we don't know what injuries will happen to whom, so we must assume any given individual who's playing now will stay healthy, even though some of them won't.

For example, Tom Brady MIGHT trip over the 30-yard line tonight, tear up his knee, and ruin the Pats season and the post here that follows this one. But probably not. To spare our mutual sanity and to avoid excessive use of the conditional clause, yours truly will deal with injuries only after they happen and then, just like Bill Belichick, as tersely as possible.


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