Monday, May 22, 2006

I Was a Phish for the FBI

When the going gets tough, the tough look at Congress and cheer right up.

No matter how much of a hash American citizens have made of their own lives, all of them are doing better than Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.). Justice Department documents aren't usually light reading, but Jefferson's 95 page corruption indictment last week could've filled an entire issue of the Onion without anyone noticing the difference. To say the congressman was dumb as a stump insults wood.

Press reports have led on the delightful fact Jefferson kept $90 grand in swag in his freezer. My favorite, however, is that the feds used a co-operating informant to nab Jefferson in an imaginary Nigerian business deal. His loot was supposed to be a payoff to that nation's vice president.

A get-rich-quick quick scheme involving a prominent member of an African government. In other words, more or less the same proposition every person on earth with e-mail receives at least six times a day. And Jefferson fell for it!! Greedy, gullible, and in the mnority is no way to go through life, son.

If there's one born every minute, then the House of Representatives was created in less than a full business day.


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